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Dmitri Matkovsky was born 1961 St. Petersburg, Russia.
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

After retiring early from a 25 year career in rock music business he began as a acrylicist. Visit Dmitri Matkovsky Art Gallery





About DM

1961 - Was born in Leningrad, Russia

1976 - The first band "ManufacturA" was created at school

1978 - Physics-Mathematics School #30

1981 - "ManufacturA" is one of the cofounder of "Leningrad Rock Club"

1983 - First place at Juried "First Leningrad Rock Festival" music competition

1983 - "You are in the army now..." - Soviet Army, Siberia

1984 - "ManufacturA" is in the final of "Second Leningrad Rock Festival"

1985 - "ManufacturA" Live part 2

1986 - Lead a new futuristic new wave band "Hunting of Romantic Them" as a musician and song writer

1987 - "Hunting of Romantic Them" participate in  "The Fifth Leningrad Rock Festival"

1987 - Iinvited to play with "Auktyon"

1987 - Leave "Auktyon" to start a new career as a music producer